Alliance Property Management is centrally located in Roy, Utah, established in 2000.

We serve a growing need for a professional property management company that specializes in both commercial and residential properties. As a turnkey management company we take pride in being locally owned and operated. We provide superior management of several types of properties. 

Casey & Asillin Clark, Owners

Alliance Property Management (APM) was founded in 2000 by Casey & Asillin Clark. In 2006 the couple began working in the business full time. At that time, they only managed a handful of units. It was a difficult decision, but they determined if they wanted the company to reach its full potential they needed to focus as many resources as possible on its growth. Since that time the company has grown dramatically with 12 employees and hundreds of units managed. The company focuses its growth on quality properties and maintaining sustainable practices. The company has a diverse portfolio including residential, multi-family, commercial, storage, and HOA properties.  

Casey & Asillin devote themselves to their company and employees on a daily basis. They are always searching for ways to keep morale up amongst the staff and continued growth within their company.


An enthusiastic team focused on providing accurate accounting information for both clients and tenants.

Focusing our skills on monthly owner statements, tenant ledgers, and all aspects financial.

Our promise to our clients is that we are dedicated to the success of your investment. We provide monthly detailed owner statements, manage all delinquent accounts, and bill payment all in an effort to ensure that every step of the way you can rest assured that your investment is secure.

Our promise to our tenants is that we will treat your account fairly and accurately. We are committed to providing you with an honest experience from monthly payments, ledger reconciliation, and  deposit statements upon move out. We understand that a relationship built on trust is key in retaining our tenants.

Go Team
APM Staff

The Alliance Team is made of a dedicated and knowledgeable group of individuals; ranging from office staff, onsite managers, and maintenance crews. We strive to work hard and have fun doing so. We pride ourselves in being unique; by creating a company that provides the client a simple honest pricing model, that does what it says it will, and that’s available to the client and residents when issues arise. The Alliance team believes that we can make a difference in people’s lives and own communities and is committed to that effort in word and deed.  Our company is constantly focusing on improving the communities we serve by making properties better, regardless of price point or location. We work diligently to properly screen applicants to ensure crime and problems are reduced. Every day is spent focusing on how we can improve not only ourselves, but the lives of our neighbors that reside in our community.

Showing an Apartment

A passionate team dedicated to being productive and efficient in managing both our clients investments and our tenants homes.

Using all resources to manage tenant screening, leasing, and property maintenance.

Our promise to our clients is that we will use our knowledge of the community to market your home fairly, screen tenants efficiently to help avoid evictions where possible, and maintain your property in a manner that will allow it to continue to be a profitable investment.

Our promise to our tenants is that we will provide you with a secure and habitable home where you can rest assured that your needs are a priority and that we will focus our resources to provide you with a positive renting experience.