Maintenance Emergency:


The operator will direct your call to our on-call maintenance emergency staff memeber.

The maintenance emergency line is only to be used in case of a maintenance emergency, such as a fire, flood, or anything that could potentially cause damage to the property or person.

If your issue can wait until normal business hours, please do not call the emergency line.

 If you have a medical emergency, please call 911.

Any calls made to the maintenance emergency number that is not considered an emergency will be charged a $50 fee. Thank you!

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Office: 801-728-0454

Text: 347-609-4984 (No calls)

Fax: 801-728-0455

General Questions: 801-528-1935

Potential Client: 801-528-9213
Potential Tenant: 801-528-1935
Accounting Department: 801-784-6239

Maintenance Coordinator: 801-528-1949
Operations Manager: 801-528-9213

Accounting Manager: 385-244-7388

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