Investment Management Services

We provide turnkey commercial, self storage, and residental investment property management.

Our management services include overseeing all of the day to day operations associated with the various types of properties we manage. We strive to provide excellent value, communication, and customer service.


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Whether you own one unit or hundreds we can help!

We have over a decade of experience managing the

following types of properties:

Apartment Complexes
Single Family Homes
Storage Facilities
Commercial Properties


Don't stress about your property any longer.

We will take care of almost every aspect of

managing your property. From listings,

showings, the application process, maintenance,

utilities, rent collection, and all the in between. 



Package 1: Full Management Residential and Commercial Services: Includes marketing, vacancy showings, tenant           

                  screening, lease signing, maintenance scheduling, rent collection, turnovers, and more.

​                   Management Fees: 10% of all collected rent and Alliance retains any other fees billed to the tenant.

                            New residential clients that are military will receive a discounted management fee of 9%. Residential clients with more than one property will receive a discounted fee.

                           (HOA, Commercial, Apartment and Storage management fees vary and are bid by project. Please reach out to for more information.)



Package 2: Residential Lease Only Services: Includes marketing, vacancy showings, tenant screening and lease signing. After                    we lease the property, it is turned back over to you to mange yourself.

                     Management Fee: Equal to one month rent (per/unit).

The following services are included in the full managment services, package 1:

Monthly Owner Statements

Every month you will receive a detailed statement summary and payment of income funds. The statement will include the amount of rent paid the tenant(s), expenses, and any owner contributions (if you have made a payment to us). You will receive your statement no later than the 30th of the month, but most often before the 15th.  


Whether the property is new or old, maintenance is something that every property owner will have to deal within the course of tenancy. Alliance has a great team of vendors that specialize in specific areas of maintenance. We work with our vendors to get the best prices possible and in turn pass those reduced prices to you, with no markups. When a tenant does request maintenance, we will notify you via email or phone, letting you know what the issue is and that we have scheduled it with our vendor. We will update you of any changes or concern that might arise after the vendor is at the property. Once we receive the invoice from the vendor, those charges are then deducted out of the rent we collect from the property. Maintenance will be detailed in your monthly statement along with a copy of the invoice.

Yearly Maintenance

We do our best to ensure your property is kept at its best; this includes addressing yearly maintenance up keep. Once a year we schedule our vendors to change out furnace filters, winterize and de-winterize sprinkler systems and swamp coolers. If you do not wish to be part of our yearly services, you will just need to notify us as soon as possible, otherwise ,these services will be performed by our vendors yearly.

Vacant Unit
Once a tenant has given notice to vacate the property, we will inform you via email or phone on all the details. We will take care of scheduling maintenance and cleaning and oversee everything until the property is back in shape and ready to re-rent. Don’t worry, if the property is vacant and you aren’t receiving any rent income, we don't collect a management fee, so we will work hard to re-rent the unit and get your income flowing in again. Please keep in mind that utilities are the owner’s responsibility while the unit is vacant. Along with utilities; yard care is also the owner’s responsibility; we will schedule our lawn care vendor to mow, trim and weed the yard weekly while vacant unless we are notified by you prior to the vacancy that you wish to maintain the yard yourself.


We try our hardest to avoid evictions as much as possible but unfortunately there will be times that a tenant needs to be evicted. But no need to worry, our attorney’s office specializes in rental evictions and takes care of all of the legal notices and court appearances required by law. Eviction costs can be billed back to the tenant, but it will be the owners responsibility to cover attorney fees upfront and then reimbursed if it can been collected from the tenant. We do provide an additional optional service for anyone worried about eviction costs. The eviction protection plan is $15 per month and Alliance will cover the cost of any eviction on your property (must be on the plan at least 6 months before we cover any costs).


Online Portal

We provide access to an online portal account for all our ownersThrough your online owner portal account, you will be able to:​

  • View and download monthly statements and invoices from vendors

  • View maintenance work orders from tenants

  • Have access to management documents and tenant lease documents

  • Make payments

  • Update your contact information with us 


Management Service Packages

Introduction to APM, presented by Casey Clark

Investment Risk, presented by Casey Clark

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Turnover Process, presented by Casey Clark

Inspection Process, presented by Casey Clark

Property Maintenance, presented by Casey Clark

Screening and Application Process, presented by Casey Clark