Maintenance Tips

We understand that maintenance can come at the most inconvient times. Here are some common household repairs that you might be able to take care of yourself. 

Be sure to contact our office at anytime if you feel uncomfortable or uncertain about a repair.

Any repairs involving more complicated situations should be requested to be repaired through our office.

Garbage Disposal

Is your garbage disposal having issues? Check out the video to find easy do it yourself fixes. 

If you are uncomfortable or unable to try any of these quick fixes or have tried these steps and are still having issues, please contact our office and we can send a vendor to take a look.

Expert plumbers recommend scraping food into the trash and avoid putting anything unnessesary down the drain. Be sure to review the list of things never to put down your drain.

Locked Out

If you find yourself locked out of your home and it's after or before our normal busines hours of 8:30 am- 4:30 pm or on a Holiday, you will be responsible for contacting a locksmith to get back into your unit.

We recomend you call Parson's Lock and Key at 801-393-4182.

Do not get the hardware changed, just have them pick the lock. You will be responsible for all costs associated with the lock smith.

If you are locked out during normal business hours, contact our office and we can arrange for you to pick up a copy of the key, This is a $2 fee for the key copy. 

We recommend you place a spare key in a lockbox or somewhere accessable to avoid these situations. 

Main Water Shutoff
Tripped Breaker

If your power seems to have suddenly stopped working and it's only affecting one area of the home, you may have a tripped circut breaker. This can be an easy and quick fix, by locating your breaker box and finding the tripped breaker. Watch the video for more information.

If you are uncomfortable with switching the breaker back on, please contact our office and we can send a vendor out to help. 

Toilet Valve 
Battery Replacement
Furnace Filter
Drywall Repair